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 first registration.

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PostSubject: first registration.   Mon Sep 14, 2009 7:28 pm

Name: SephirothII


Race: human

Gender: boy

Eyes: brown

Weight: 159


Appearance: He looks similar to Sephiroth, but he has shorter hair and he has two wings and he carries his fathers Katana.

Strengths:his strengths are amazing power and speed.

Weaknesses:he is virtually invincible but he has one weakness it is the memory of his father it makes him really clumsy

Skills: to cause a small barrage of meteors and to control fire and ice and he destroys his opponent with the katana as a last resort.

Personality: He is much like his father but not as insane and evil.

History: his father was Sephiroth who mistreated him very much so over his 15yrs living with his father he decided to kill him with his own katana and be rid of him forever but he left without saying anything and left him his katana so he went looking for him he could not find him so he went back to his mother(Ultamecia) to live with her for the next 10 yrs he trained so he could kill his father. then someone came to him and offered him a job of being a bounty hunter he accepted and for the next 11 yrs he was a bounty hunter then one day he received a message that his father has been seen by a single survivor of a destroyed city so he accepted and he went after his father and he is still searching...

i approve this character.


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first registration.
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