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 Cloud Strife's new Registration!!!

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PostSubject: Cloud Strife's new Registration!!!   Mon Sep 28, 2009 4:40 pm

Character’s Name: Cloud Strife

Character’s Age: 25

Employer: SOLDIRE

Character’s Appearance:
Cloud is 5'9 with a slim but stocky build. His hair is long, blonde and spike's in irregular patterns. His eyes are the bluest you have ever seen and very tempting. Weighing only One Hundred and Eighty pounds, he is fast and agile. His fashion statement would consist of Black tight fitting pants with combat boots, a black tank top with a breast plate with one shoulder pad on the right arm. Nuage also wears two titanium gauntlets and a thick leather belt with titanium studs around it. Black gloves are fitted into the gauntlets. Titanium knee pads are also included in his fashion although he only wears them in a fighting situation. Nuage is also equipped with a broadsword made from an unknown metal taken from a meteor, the metal is by far the toughest and most durable ever found.

Character’s Equipment:

Titanium Gauntlets- Cloud's titanium gauntlets are designed and built to withstand any physical attack. They are also equipped with the latest breakthrough in magical defense technology and can resist most magical attacks. There design also includes symbols that call upon certain magical attacks when the words are uttered.

Breast plate: Cloud's breast plate is made of titanium. Attached to the breast plate it a single titanium shoulder pad that covers his right shoulder and extends to cover his entire right arm when activated. The extended titanium arm can be used for blocking physical blows and absorption of some magic. It also enhances the strength in his right arm by 500% allowing him to break through any obstacle that he may come across. The breast plate itself can withstand any physical blow, protecting his vital organs. The breast plate can also absorb some magic.
Titanium Knee pads. These are regular titanium knee pads used for the protection of his knees in combat. They can also be activated to extend to the ankle to protect the shin also.

Broadsword: Cloud's Broadsword is made from a fallen meteor that contained an unknown metal that is more durable and by far tougher than any other metal ever found or created. Nuage’s constructed the 5 foot long sword himself and spent 4 years doing so. The broadsword is light to be made from a metal so strong and can be swung and thrusted with ease. Allowing Nuage to swing, block and parry any attack coming his way with accuracy and precision. The Metal also contains a type of magic that is unknown and relenting to let Cloud tap into its power.

Character’s Personality: Cloud Strife is the type of person that can take control of any situation. His mind is one of his most powerful traits. Quick thinking and his natural ability to make people feel the way he wants them to feel has gotten him out of tricky situations. He is also the kind of person that can make you believe anything. He can twist what you know into something you’re not sure about and break you apart from there. Exposing weakness in others is another skill that he has become very good at. Nuage is also a very loyal and faithful to anyone he serves. If you are looking for a dependable right hand man. Look no further. Following out his orders in honorable fashion, he will make sure the job is finished and finished right. If you are his enemy on the other hand. Look out for the rude awakening of death. For it comes on swift and silent wings along with Cloud Strife.

Character’s Skills & Abilities:

Hand to Hand and Weapon Skills: Extensive training in the military along with years of many martial arts branches. He is highly skilled in a broad spectrum from Crane to Golden dragon techniques. Nuage’s is also by far the best fighter with a broadsword, Training since the age of 5 he has never went a day without trying to enhance his movement and agility with a sword.

Magic: Cloud is not as highly skilled in this field for it was only recently discovered. Yet he tries to improve his skills with fire, ice and earth manipulation. He will study other magical skills when these are mastered.

Short Bio:Cloud Strife was born on California (US). His parents were murdered by the Russian Mafia when he was a mere 3 years old. The Russians had murdered his parents for parking their car on the wrong side of the street. Adopted by a Marines general and raised on base in Pendleton California, he started training in military tactics and martial arts at the age of 4. Broadsword sparring was also taken up as a hobby until he found he was quite skilled. Then it became a passion. Constantly testing himself trying to learn new fighting techniques, he became a black belt at age 7 in every field of martial arts. At age 9 he became a master. His broadsword training improved every day and he was soon gaining the strength to knock down even the biggest of men.

At age 14 Cloud skills were made use of. Through military intelligence he found his parents murderers and brought them to justice. Finding them in there homes and slaughtering them one at a time. Reminding them of the ones that they had killed that he loved so much. After the deed was finished he returned to Pendleton and resumed his training. Enhancing every skill until he was the perfect soldier.

At age 16 his adopting father allowed him to enlist into the Marines. Yet he never used a gun he proved quite useful to his unit. On a covert mission into the heart of a drug infested city on the outer edges of Italy, He and 3 other soldier fought there way out. 600 armed Italian soldiers were killed by the 4 men. Cloud being the only to not take a single wound yet not fire a single weapon killed the bigger part of the immense unit. Once back in the states he received the Medal of Honor. Which he refused to accept, saying that he was only doing what he was made to do and nothing more.

At age 19 Cloud was sent on a search and destroy mission into Italy. While on his mission he came across a group of men brutally raping a beating a woman. After slaying the men and helping the woman to safety she told him that she was a fortune teller and she had told one of the men in the group that he would die very soon. The man had gotten upset and he and his friends had started to beat and rape her. She then gazed into his eyes and started to cry. Cloud never found out the reason behind this for she died shortly after. Yet it still haunts his dreams to this day.

At age 20 Cloud spent his last year in the Marines. Upon exiting the military he bought a farm and a house just outside of Pendleton. While practicing Tiger claw skills he heard a crash. After the crash the ground shook beneath him and glass fell from shelves in his house. Upon investigating the vicinity the noise had taken place he found a meteor. From this meteor he extracted the precious metal used to construct his broadsword. After four years of construction the sword was complete. In the process he also constructed a titanium breast plate with a single shoulder pad, titanium gauntlets and titanium kneepads. He also added engineered Smart censors on the equipment that would allow certain parts of the armor to extend and protect his body while increasing his strength. The armor was also designed to give him full mobility allowing him to stay fast and agile while fighting.

I as an Admin Approve of my RPG Character...

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Cloud Strife's new Registration!!!
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