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 My Character registration

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Alther Feyz Primus
Alther Feyz Primus

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PostSubject: My Character registration   Mon Sep 14, 2009 9:53 pm

Name: Armageddon


Race: Fallen Angel

Gender: Male


Weight: 243 lbs.


Appearance:Black coat, Silver gauntlet on one hand, Mid-length black hair, skin as pale as death, incredibly bony.

Strengths:VERY POWERFUL! That's all you need to know!

Weaknesses:Holy, Sorrow

Skills: Master of combat

Personality:Genearally likes to make jokes and have fun, but can get DEAD serious. Also mourns the death of Aerith.

Armor=Shadow Armor (hardened darkness armor)
Accessories=Ribbon, Tetra Gauntlet (absorbs the 4 elements.)
Natural Immunities=Instadeath, Petrify, Poison, Darkness.
Weapons:Yamato,Life and Death


A human. A human named Taef Leingod was born on November 23, 1995. His loving parents, Johm and Sereela,
died when Taef was barely a year old, they were murdered. Murdered by demons.
They sought him out, for 10,000 years from the day Taef was born, Satan Primus's father, Alther's grandfather,
prophesied that a human would be born, a human named Taef who would decide the fate of the Universe.

The Archangels noticed him and watched over him, ensuring that the Chaostrians didn't corrupt him.
When Taef turned 13, they made their presence known to him. They explained everything that had happened that was related to the prophesy.
From when the prophesy was created, to that very day. They told him to choose between them, and the Chaostrians, Taef chose them.

When he was purified, the Archangels cast down the darkness, into the gate to oblivion, the gate, to a dark realm, where only dead shadows lie.

Satan Primus was watching the gate, pondering what they would do. he suddenly felt a great shadow, he looked up, and saw Taef's darkness falling.
He caught it and realized what it was. He gave it physical form, and he forced it to swear to help his son, Alther Primus, when the time came.


An angel hunter, Armageddon, born from the shadows that were created when Taef ascended to being the Archangel known as Fate,
was just starting out at his new shop "Angel may Scream" when Alther walked in.

I approve this character! Disintergration
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My Character registration
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