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We now have Clans if you want to be apart of one or create one go to the clan center and once we have 3 clans I will host Clan Wars where the clans compete against each other!~From the Founder King Sephiroth~

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 Alther Feyz Primus's Castle!

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Alther Feyz Primus
Alther Feyz Primus

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PostSubject: Alther Feyz Primus's Castle!   Sat Nov 21, 2009 11:57 am

Here is my caste:

Inside you will find high tech stuff in some chambers, but for the most part, it holds many demonic tomes and grimoirres and that sort of thing.
My goal is to conquer all.

As an Administator I approve this castle.
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Alther Feyz Primus's Castle!
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