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We now have Clans if you want to be apart of one or create one go to the clan center and once we have 3 clans I will host Clan Wars where the clans compete against each other!~From the Founder King Sephiroth~

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PostSubject: GET SOME MEMBERS!!!!   Mon Sep 28, 2009 4:06 pm

This is Admin Cloud speaking. I am writing this to inform you that we need more members. To tell you the truth this forum is quite dead at the moment. Everytime I get on here there is maybe one person on. And that is only 3% of the time. I calculated it. We need to recruit some members and get them active on this site. So spread the word about ROS. IF you have recruited any new members post on this site and another Admin or I will give you 100 points that count toward you money on this forum for every member you you recruit. So get to it!!!!

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