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We now have Clans if you want to be apart of one or create one go to the clan center and once we have 3 clans I will host Clan Wars where the clans compete against each other!~From the Founder King Sephiroth~

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 Peace out!!!

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PostSubject: Peace out!!!   Sun Sep 27, 2009 9:33 pm

This is one of your Admins speaking. I'm writing ot inform you that I may be gone for some time. MY return shall be soon but I'm not sure exactly when. I have some business to take care of and it needs my full attention at this time. So while I am gone our other admins will be keeping a close watch on all activity. No spamming and no GODMODDING in the RPG or you will be REJECTED losers. haha. No really, Don't do it. So until I return. Have fun and post some more topics. Also get some more members to join our community. We could use more people like you here. And when I say people like you I am not profiling in any way. Just putting that out there.

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Peace out!!!
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