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PostSubject: RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR RPG!!!!   Tue Sep 15, 2009 11:08 pm

I'll start from the top. Each rule will have quite a bit of explanation behind it, so there will be a LOT to read.

You're not required to read all of the reasons for everything, but you should be well-versed on the rules themselves.Anything you see which may qualify as breaking a rules should be reported to, Cloud, SephirothII, Armageddon or ViviMasterMage.

Rule the First: NO GODMODDING.This is the prime rule of Roleplay Battling, and there will be a whole segment on this, complete with examples, at the end of this post.

ALL ROS RULES APPLY.If you don't know what the ROS rules are make sure that you read them!!!!YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR CHARACTER STATISTICS IN THE NEW CHARICTER THREAD.Why, you ask? So that your opponents can know a little something about your character, and won't be surprised when you pull giant hammers out of your ass. Also, if you leave your posts empty (lacking detail) and your opponent wants to say something about your character, sHE/he will have something to refer to.

YOU MAY NOT INTERFERE WITH SOMEONE'S FIGHT.Some of you may be thinking "well, duh," but you'd be surprised how often some new member sticks his or her head into someone else's RPB and says "kewl can i fight 2?"

NO TWO-LINE POSTS.I know I said that speed counts, but you have to consider that you are still ROLEPLAYING here, even if the battle element is attached. Add some depth into your posts. It doesn't have to be much, just enough that your opponent (as well as your spectators) will know what's really happening. I'm not, by any means, asking any of you to write the way that I do.

YOU MAY, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, HOST YOUR OWN TOURNAMENT.But there's a catch -- any tournaments must be cleared with me before they can begin. It saves us from unexpected spam tournaments. Any tournament creators and judges of those tournaments may not compete in their own tournaments, as it's entirely unfair. Years ago, the TOA judges competed in the TOA... and won... constantly.

YOU HAVE ONE ATTACK PHASE PER POST; USE IT WISELY.Well, that's actually self-explanitory.

CLOSING DATE There is no mandatory closing date, and there is no limit to the number of battles you may compete in at any given time.The only rule which applies, however, is the one referring to judgment. If you would like for your thread to be judged, PM me and I will either find an unbiased third party to judge it, or I will judge it myself. Note that I obviously won't judge anything I take part in.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...GODMODDING!!!No God Modding. This includes: the stealing/copying an opponents moves, using guns, using spells such as reflect, cure or Knights of the Round, never getting hit, and stating that you actually hit someone or controlling their character. Now, allow me to break this down.

Curative Spells/Items. Curative spells are now allowed, but only if they are not full recovery spells. These spells may also NOT be used instantaneously. In other words, you will waste an entire turn healing yourself, thus forfeiting an attack phase. Conversely, curative items are still restricted.

Undodgable Attacks/Abilities. ANYTHING that says "forcing the opponent to" in your character information will immediately be scrapped. Whether it's a spell like Ultima, or some last-ditch near-death ability from which the opponent has "no escape," it's against the rules. EVERY ability must have some way out.

Projectile Weapons. Guns, bows and arrows, and other such high-speed weaponry is considered moddish. HOWEVER, this rule has been lifted for quite a while now. Be careful when using projectile though, because if you overdo it, you'll be busted for godmodding. This isn't The Matrix. We can't all dodge bullets all day long.

Blue Magic. Or, as listed above, the copying of your opponent's moves. This rule has also been lifted, but blue magic may ONLY BE USED WITH YOUR OPPONENT'S CONSENT. If your opponent says no, and you use it anyway, you get shut down for godmodding.

Summon Spirits, Pets, and other secondary parties. Generally frowned upon as they tip the scales in your favor, turning a 1v1 fight into a 2v1 fight. Again, this is something that can ONLY BE USED WITH YOUR OPPONENT'S CONSENT.

Superdodging. In short RPBs, it's understandable. But in any thread that has more than eight posts, you better be taking a hit here or there. If you dodge all of your opponent's attacks after his/her fourth post (as in, four each), you will be shut down for godmodding. This doesn't mean you have to take hits often; it means you have to take hits once in a while. This doesn't mean you can take one hit at the start of the fight and dodge everything else, either. Be considerate. It makes things a bit more exciting, and creates vulnerabilities. It also makes the fight slightly more realistic as well.

Super (or "uber") characters. You can't load your characters down with so many abilities and so much "impenetrable" armor that it would be realistically impossible for anyone to damage you. Just because you may avoid giving your character unstoppable weapons and unstoppable armor doesn't mean that an overload of "lesser" equipment is proper, either

.And finally, the most important of all, controlling your opponent. This is by all means ENTIRELY off-limits. Even if you're throwing an attack at the character, and you say that he dodges it and then you attack again, you're godmodding. What if your opponent had wanted to take that hit? The VERY MOST at which you can control your opponent is to the extent of DIALOGUE. Even then, you may only do so with approval. You simply cannot control anything anyone else does.

That's the largest difference between RP and RPB. If for any reason you stray from the rules and regulations that I have provided you will recive 1 and only 1 warning. After that you are banned from the RPG site. that includes battling and viewing and posting.
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