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 My Character Registation: Vivi

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PostSubject: My Character Registation: Vivi   Tue Sep 15, 2009 8:47 am

Name: Vivi Orunitia

Age: 6 months

Race: Black Mage

Gender: Male

Eyes: Yellow

Weight: ?

Height: ?

Appearance: Blue Coat, Green and White striped pants, Black Mage hat, No face just Yellow glowing eyes, Marron gloves.

Strengths: He excells in Black Magic and Magic Defence and Attack.

Weaknesses: Attack and Defence are pretty weak.

Skills: Black magic, DBL magic.

Personality: In the beginning of Final Fantasy IX, Vivi is very gullible, believing people very easily. Vivi was also a coward and afraid to use his magic, even when a friend was in danger, such as when Garnet was getting captured he was too scared to fight back. However, after the Black Mage incident, Vivi's personality changed a lot; he no longer got scared so easily and was ready to face Kuja without thinking about the danger. He is also no longer as gullible, as demonstrated by his disbelief of Kuja's lies about expanding the Black mage's lifespan. Vivi frequently questions his existence.

History: Vivi was created by Kuja as a Black Mage. Somehow he managed to escape by falling out of the Cargo Ship, and was fished out of the Mist Ocean by a Qu named Quan. Quan raised Vivi out of the hope that he would grow bigger and eat him, though after six months Vivi was as short as before. Luckily, Vivi knew none of this and lived happily with his "Grandpa" in Quan's Dwelling. Later Quan died, and Vivi was left all alone. Just days before the starting events of Final Fantasy IX, Vivi then heads to the nearby town of Treno to get some help, and eventually hitches a ride on an airship to Alexandria.
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PostSubject: Re: My Character Registation: Vivi   Tue Sep 15, 2009 8:50 am

I approve this character.



Click the dragon or the egg
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My Character Registation: Vivi
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