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 rules for the rpg games before battle!

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PostSubject: rules for the rpg games before battle!   Tue Sep 15, 2009 12:09 am

everyone must have an approved character before they can participate in a battle.

1.have your character health as high as it can go.

2.regular attacks are limited to 5000ap(attack points) and every character must have a last resort move and you can name it whatever you want it is 10000ap and must have a final blow(this is the final attack it is the only way to win) must have items(+40000hp) they help you live in the battle.

4.everyone must have power boost(+10ap),power boost+(+50ap)these give you more power.

5.everyone must have speed boost(+10spdp),speed boost+(50spdp)these stop your opponent from attacking from 1-5 times and you can only use these 4 times.

any one who breaks these rules will be warned the first time but the second time they will be banned.


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rules for the rpg games before battle!
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